Things to Do In Queenstown with Kids


Which are the best places to visit with kids?

  • Authentic steamship at TSS Earnslaw
  • Walter Peak Farm Tour
  • Milford Sound
  • Thrillzone
  • Odyssey Sensory Maze
  • Kiwi Birdlife Park
  • The Remarkables
  • Bob’s Peak and Skyline Gondola
  • Nevis Valley

What can toddlers do in Queenstown?

  • Using the Skyline Gondola, ascend to the summit of Bob's Peak.
  • Travel on the renowned steamer TSS Earnslaw.
  • For dinner, board a water taxi to The Rees Hotel.
  • Check out Kiwi Birdlife Park
  • Consider visiting Arrowtown for a day.
  • Play at the lakeside playground and beach in Queenstown.
  • Take a stroll along Frankton Arm

Is Queenstown worth visiting?

Yes, Queenstown is worth visiting, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand, with a footfall of 1.5 million visitors annually. The place offers exotic hotels with stunning views, along with delicious food and various adventure activities. There are plenty of things to do in Queenstown with kids as well which makes it a popular place among families as well.

How many days do you need in Queenstown New Zealand

You can fully explore the adventure capital of New Zealand within 5 days of your time.

What is special in Queenstown?

Queenstown is known for its exotic hotels, delicious food and most importantly as the adventure capital of New Zealand, offering a variety of thrilling sports from bungee jumping to ancient boat ride. This makes the place special and popular.

Is Queenstown good for kids?

There are endless things to do in Queenstown with kids, making it New Zealand's most thrilling and amusing family-friendly vacationing destination. With the kids, you can discover many new adventures in the "home of adventure," including cave exploration, agricultural excursions, horseback riding, and water sports.

About Things to do in Queenstown with Kids

For explorers of all stripes, Queenstown is a natural playground that offers a wonderful setting for a variety of places to see and things to do. It is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand, where anyone from kids to senior people all can enjoy the variety of thrill and excitement the city has to offer. If you are planning a family trip with your kids then Queenstown has many things to offer from adventure sports to a peaceful picnic.Experience ice skating, among various things to do in Queenstown with kids if you are looking for some quality time with your family. If your younger ones are more inclined towards the adventure sport than ziplining at Moa tour will be a perfect plan or you can also go indoor skydiving with them. Add a serene stroll around the Queenstown gardens in your things to do in Queenstown with kids, and spend some quality time with your younger ones amidst nature. You can also go for a BBQ picnic at the St, Omer Park, where children get to play around the various childhood games as you prepare some delicious BBQ meals for them.

Experience Ziplining in Queenstown

There are two major places where you can indulge in adventure ziplining. The Moa Tour, a zipline with 4 lines that takes about 2 hours to accomplish, is a fantastic one for families with kids. You'll enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and the nearby mountain ranges as you float across verdant forests and along the route. The Kea trip, which includes six ziplines and is the highest zipline in the world, is recommended for individuals who are a little more experienced. Both of the courses require that children be at least 6 years old.

Ice Skating in Queenstown

This is one of the most fascinating things to do in Queenstown with kids as children love ice skating. Queenstown Ice Arena lets you unwind by the toasty fire in the alpine-style café and lounge if you don't like skating but your kids do. Everyone can participate in this all-weather amusement, which includes Ice Bumper Cars, a licensed cafe, and the opportunity to try ice hockey, a spectacular LED lighting system, and Frisbee Disc rental.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Queenstown

At iFLY, Queenstown's most thrilling new adrenaline experience and New Zealand's first indoor skydiving activity, you can feel the sensation of 100% pure human flight. With iFLY, you and your children take control of your own dynamic adrenaline experience rather than being mere passengers on a thrill ride, making it a popular things to do in Queenstown with kids.

Aj Hackett Bungy Queenstown

When you are traveling to Queenstown, you must try this Aj Hackett Bungy adventure as this is one of the most preferred things to do in Queenstown with kids. Bungee Jumpers are drawn to the activity by the challenge of facing their concerns and the surefire rush of adrenaline that comes with being on the edge.

Walk through the Queenstown Gardens

Sometimes all you need to do is take a little stroll with your children. There is no denying that walking the short, lovely track that circles the entire park is the best thing to do in the Queenstown Gardens. Along the walk, you may see expertly kept garden beds and take in breath-taking vistas of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.

Explore Kiwi Birdlife Park

Explore the exotic wildlife of New Zealand and meet the national bird of the country, the Kiwi. Visit here with your kids and fascinate them with amazing knowledge of these nocturnal creatures, natural habitats and more. Kids can attend the various interactive events here such as feeding shows and more, which helps them learn more about their natural habits.

See Dinosaurs at Time Tripper

It might sound intriguing, but witnessing dinosaurs at Time Tripper is among the coolest things to do in Queenstown with kids. You embark on a voyage through history and legend starting many millions of years ago with Queenstown's sole underwater adventure. Enjoy a cutting-edge animated performance that is presented beneath Lake Wakatipu.

Go for Jet Boating

Take a high-speed jet boat ride with your kids through small rocky gorges, glide across the water, and zoom around turns in Queenstown. The first jetliner boat trip in the world is located in Queenstown. Today, there are many other types of exhilarating jet boat trips, including wild, backcountry, and even combos that include jet boating and luxury fine dining.

Experience Indoor Go Karting at Game Over

Otago Region at Game Over Queenstown is one of the best places to experience indoor go karting with your family . Each loop at this track, which has 290 meters of racing track, will feel brand-new. For maximum thrill, drive on not one, but two levels of a karting track and road down the flyover, which offers full safety, making it popular with amazon kids who love excitement in life.

Play frisbee golf

Frisbee golf is one of the most famous sports played by New Zealanders. Queenstown Gardens is the most popular place to experience frisbee golf in the city, as they offer 18 baskets on a short, yet challenging, course. A perfect family day with kids can be spent here as the disc circles the charming Queenstown gardens counterclockwise, developing fast reflections amazon your kids.

Picnic at St Omer Park

St. Omer Park is a lovely park with lovely terrain that goes along to Lake Wakatipu. The park is a well-liked location for walks and picnics because it offers stunning panoramas of the lake backdropped by magnificent mountains. A BBQ picnic here with kids is a perfect family day our plan, where they can play around the childrens play area while you prepare all the ingredients for them.

St\roll around Bob’s Cove Track

To get to the lakeshore, a trail descends from the parking lot through a beech forest and manuka trees. For interesting tidbits about the native bush, keep an eye out for bellbirds, tui, and kereru (wood pigeon) and stop by the display boards placed along the route by DOC. A stroll around this serene track will offer you some quality time to spend with your kids who can enjoy the importance of nature as well.

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